Sunday, November 22, 2009


We visited a different church today. I want to write more about the church and our overall impression at another time. But, for now - I gotta tell you...

We did not tell anyone about our needs. But, while we were at church complete strangers offered us some deer meat. They have already killed two deer this year, and had not yet used up the old meat. She asked if we like to take her old meat (less than a year old!). So, we came home with bout 75 pounds of deer burger. AND, when we were leaving another member brought a bag of groceriess to the van. She gave us a bunch of produce, some bread, and some deer summer sausage.

It is so unbelievable! I prayed on the way to church this morning that God would give us some deer meat this year, since Paul and I decided that we could not afford to hunt and process our own. But, I never told anyone that we had any need of anything!

God just keeps showering us with gifts at the hands of strangers and anonymous friends! To God be the glory!

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Mama from Uganda said...

Oh, yeah, praise the Lord!