Monday, November 16, 2009

A Picture is Worth...

Rebecca and Grandpa S. snuggle

Grandma S. reads to the kids

Grandpa poses with Nelson, Lydia, and Joshua

Paul is "training" one of the kittens to be an indoor cat.
(More like, Paul is spoiling the kitty!)

Grandma and Joshua play with the kitten, "Princess"
(and, boy, does she ever live up to her name!)

My Mama

Grandpa and the kids look at the digital camera pictures

Nelson used his birthday money from Great Grandma S (my grandmother) to buy a BIG gun!

I will try to get a picture of my big belly on sometime... if the DSL remains connected. I don't honestly know why the phone and DSL have not been disconnected yet.

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Fine Linen said...

Thanks for sharing the pics, looks like it was wonderful visit!
Can't wait to see belly pics.
Blessings, Fine Linen