Tuesday, November 10, 2009

38 Days to Go...

... until Baby Boy's due date.

I had an OB appointment this afternoon, everything looks good. She asked, "Are you having any contractions?" I answered, "All day, every day." She was not concerned about it. Blood pressure is good. Baby's head is down, but high. No swelling in the ankles. I am measuring at 36 weeks. And, I gained a half a pound since my last visit (2 weeks ago)! She was very glad that due to my new acid reflux medicine I can eat and sleep!

Thanks for all your prayers! When we lose our home internet (first thing Thursday morning, because tomorrow is a holiday), I will try to get to the library once a week to update you on everything important. (I am now on weekly OB appointments) Hopefully, our internet will be back on before Baby comes, so that you can learn his name and see some pics.

Your first name clue: It is an Old Testament name.


Mama Hen said...

So glad everything is well with Baby Boy! I can't wait to find out his name. I am going to guess Micah. :) I really like that name!

I love the song you posted below. When I am singing it I wonder if I will really be able to sing this when I am suffering. Only He can give me the faith to do this.

Still praying for you.

Bethany said...

Mama Hen,
I am sure that you have already had your share of sufferings! From what I know of you, you have praised God during some difficult times!

I have a brother named Micah. It is a nice name.


Fine Linen said...

So wonderful to hear the baby is doing well.
Wow, thanks for narrowing that down for us...an Old Testament name. LOL!!
All my boys have Old Testament names.heehee.
You and your family are always in our prayers, and REJOICE & ABIDE!
Blessings dear friend, Fine Linen