Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kitchen Crew

I had to enlist some help in order to get these pumpkins processed before they got too ripened. We had a blast... except for the clean-up afterwards. I am a bit of a clean freak, but I knew this would be a very messy job and I did not utter any complaints... outloud.

Below: I work with the kids. Joshua and Lydia look on, as they were not allowed to help.

Paul took my space when I got tired (after doing only one half...). Joshua is still looking on, but where did Lydia go?

Lydia hated being left out - I should have known better. But, I honestly thought she was not big enough/strong enough. She showed us! She sat herself down at the kitchen table to work! She is wearing a coat, because she is always cold in the house. Nelson (above in the T-shirt) is always hot.

They are all such big helpers! I could not have processed those pumpkins without them!


Anonymous said...

Apparently those of us who got eating pumpkins are fortunate as they say their is a shortage, I just heard the same is true for sweet potatoes and yams. I guess the mass producers in some states had a bad growing year. Children love seeing the inside of pumpkins! I think it's the cheery color on the outside, and the gooey goo on the inside!

homespun mommy said...

Love it!!