Friday, November 27, 2009

My Husband = My Hero

I am so proud of Paul! He fixed the toilet! It has been broken since Wednesday morning. I knew they Joshua had put bath-tub toys in the pot, but I thought I had gotten them all out. (Yuck, Paul was gone, and I had to do that myself!) Well, two days passed and the toilet still was not working right. So, Paul took it completely apart to find the trouble. He quickly discovered that the problem was the toilet itself, and put it in the bathtub to run water through it. It was a nasty, dirty, stinky job... and I am glad that my husband was able to do it! End cost = nothing but hard work!

I think from now on I will ban all small bathtub toys!

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Anonymous said...

Yuck! Our potties are constantly clogged, we just always hope that they aren't clogged together. Having only one potty, that is not operating would be quite an emergency. Glad it's fixed.