Monday, November 16, 2009


My bedroom seems to be changing as much as my figure.
Here is the bassinet... waiting for deposit.
And, next to it, the new car seat.
(Which is not usually in the room, we just wanted to share the blessing!)

Changing table and two clothing "dressers."
The little one on the left is for New Baby,
the one on the right is Joshua's.
ME! Only 32 days to go!
This is my new skirt (the anonymous gift)!
And, I am wearing one of my new tops under the sweater.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is just all kinds of cute today! LOVE the new background (which is fitting, since it's supposed to snow today!), the bassinet is ADORABLE, and I LOVE your skirt! I had a skirt just like that (obviously not maternity), and when I lost a little weight it didn't fit right anymore. I was really bummed to get rid of it. By the way, you actually look really nice in gray--not many people can pull it off! Can't wait to "meet" your new little one!

Mama Hen said...

I too love the snowman background. I collect snowman figurines and such so I think it is too cute.

It looks like from the pictures you had a great time with your parents. And the bassinet is so precious. I know you can't wait to put your precious new one in it.

Fine Linen said...

So adorable is that bassinet. I have to go shopping for everything. We realize that we're so don't have anything for this new blessing...heehee! Praise the Lord though we can't stop grining and rejoicing. And I love your new maternity clothes. Guess I better start looking for those too. lol!
Blessings dear friend, and always in our prayers.
Fine Linen
Oh and you look great!!

Ruby said...

You are looking great Bethany!!!
the Lord has anxwered so many of your prayers, and in abundance!
Remembering you all in prayer and looking forward to the big event.

Tan said...

you look so great! Only 31 days to go from where Im reading! what a bonus that you still have internet!
kind regards

Mama from Uganda said...

You look absolutely beautiful--pregnancy is amazing! So happy for all the wonderful gifts the Lord provided.