Friday, November 13, 2009

For Some Reason...

I still have a phone connection and DSL... very peculiar! Paul called y-day morning and they said that it would be disconnected as soon as they could send a man out. I did not even attempt to use the phone or internet y-day afternoon, because I was certain that I had no reason to. How odd!

My parents came to town y-day and spent the night. Last night they took us to dinner! Today they are taking us shopping! Guess what?! Someone gave my parents money to buy us a Baby carseat! And, my Dad talked like he and mom would buy us some necessary household items that we are out of! Praise the Lord! I will have laundry detergent! I don't know what is more exciting... getting a carseat or getting these other necessities!

Oh - and there's more! My parents brought birthday presents for Nelson last night. (Remember, we missed going up to IL for his birthday). Well, they bought Nelson the winter coat he needed! And, they bought Rebecca brown shoes that she can wear (as opposed to the white ones she has been wearing - even to church)!

I do not know why the phone is still on... or when it will be disconnected, since they are already two days late... very odd. But, I do want to let you know that Paul's folks are going to get me a cell phone on their "Friends and Family" plan, which will cost them $10/month. Seems that no one likes the idea of me being without a phone 35 days before Baby's date. : 0 )

I am assuming that this will be my last post for a while... surely they will disconnect the phone sometime. So, I will leave you with this -

Another Baby name clue:
Clue One was: It is an Old Testament name.
Clue Two: It is NOT the name of an Old Testament book... so, if you were thinking "Deuteronomy W____" then think again ; )


Anonymous said...

How about Jaden? How exciting to hear from you and to hear that you are being blessed. Here's my two funny laundry soap story, last spring a friend's mom (a Momma of 5) just thought about us when she was at the store and bought us a jug of laun. soap...sure enough our regular supply ran out, funds were tight at that time, because as you know food is way more important that soap - so we were quite blessed to have that gift soap on hand! Then laun. soap kept ending up on my "list" and on sale, so I kept buying it... Now we have quite a supply! Hubby actually said, I think we have enough now! (It's stored in a cabinet in the garage, near some things he uses around the house!) I'm happy for you, Bethany! From one Momma of a handful to a very soon to be Momma of a handful!!!

Mama Hen said...

What wonderful blessings! There have been many times when my parents have helped us too. Ihope we can help our kids one day if they need it. What a great idea about the cell phone! Sometimes we just need an outsider looking in to come up with something new.

I am thinking Asher for the baby name!

Ruby said...

Great the way the Lord has worked it out!