Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trip to the Dentist

I took Rebecca and Nelson to the dentist y-day. I thought that my family would like to know that they have no cavities!

Rebecca - Will those two front teeth (that were removed at age 2) ever grow back?! Yep, they are on their way in... very slowly working through the scar tissue.

Nelson - The only concern was a "weird tooth" as the dentist called it. Two of his baby teeth on the bottom have "fused together." But, though it looks odd, it is nothing to be concerned about.

I go to the OB this afternoon. Hopefully (if the internet is still on) I will have another good report for you.


Mama Hen said...

My Matt had two fused teeth also. It came out and everything was fine.

Anonymous said...

It's dentist day on Thursday for us! It's pretty neat, (I feel like a Duggar)they schedule it so that just my four are seen, each in their own chair, and own hygenist; it's pretty cool. I'll probably blog about it.