Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Thoughts

Rebecca with Grandpa at lunch break. Hopefully it will be the last day of soybeans... so long as the combine keeps working.

In case I don't get back online for quite a while, here are my pregnancy, labor, and delivery prayer needs:
- I would prefer a baby under 10 pounds, because the Dr will not let me labor with a baby bigger than that.
- That these last few weeks would be healthy for the whole family, and we would not contract any illnesses
- That I would be a light to the doctors and nurses during labor and delivery
- That the pain would be manageable, and if it is not manageable, that I would STILL be a light to the lost world around me
- A speedy recovery
- That my desire to keep from being induced will be honored
- That my desire to keep Baby from receiving the Hep B vaccine will be honored
- That God would allow me to make it to the hospital in time (December is known to be cold and/or icy)
- That Paul would be able to attend the birth (and not be stuck at work)
- That God would fortify Grandma W to watch the kids while I am at the hospital... and that they would be safe and well behaved
BUT, if you think this list is too long, pray for this one thing - that I would be a witness for Jesus Christ during my entire hospital stay! That is my single greatest desire in labor and delivery.

Until I get back online again...

- I know the background is boring, but I was not sure when I would be able to change it again... so I thought I better keep it neutral


Ruby said...

Prayign for all these things!
May God bless and keep you, until we hear from you again!

P.S I actualy find the plain blue easier to read than the brown...

NYLass said...

We will pray that God in His mercy would grant your requests and that His joy would be your strength and sustain you in this wonderful time! :)
Peace to you, dear,

Fine Linen said...

Praying for all those things dear friend!! We'll miss you while your away, and many blessings to you and yours.