Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca wants to tell you a little more about herself and our family.

I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. Their names are Nelson, and Lydia, and Joshua. I live in MO. My favorite colors are pink, purple, blue. We have 1 big black dog and 4 kittens.   

Funny things that Rebecca actually said while writing:
"Mommy, there is no V"
"Why don't they put computers in alphabetical order?"
"I don't think there is a Y"


Mama from Uganda said...

Well done Rebecca! Have you found any books yet that you enjoy reading? My daughter loves the Little House Readers. We just found out that she needs reading glasses....she loves reading the bible but the print is too small. My mother is visiting and Eryn tried on her reading glasses--then she was able to read the bible! Tell your mommy that Eryn would love to send you email letters.

Ruby said...

Hello Rebecca,
It is lovely to meet you on your family blog. I like pink, purple and blue too. My favourite colour is blue. Do you notice the way I spelt favourite and colour? Even though we speak English in Australia we do spell things a little differently to you folk in America.
Greetings to your Mom, Dad, and the family.
From Ruby