Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rebecca Writes

I have decided that part of Rebecca's schooling will be getting acquainted with technology. She wrote her post on paper first, and now she will type it below. I told you this would be a family blog!

I am Rebecca.  I am 7. I want to play music. I like to sing.

She did that very well. Next time I will let her write more, but I expected her typing to be much slower than it was. If you leave a comment to Rebecca, she will read it. 



Anonymous said...

Great job, Rebecca! Is there any certain instrument you want to learn to play?

NYLass said...

Hi Rebecca,

How great is it that mommy and daddy have a blog that YOU can post on! :-)

I remember when I was 7, my favorite colors were pink and purple, do you have favorite colors?

We love music and all my children play piano and sing; do you like the piano?

I hope you have fun answering questions. :)

Bethany said...

Miss April, I want to play the flute. Rebecca

Mama Hen said...

Hi Rebecca! You have one of my favorite names in the whole world. My best friend's name is Rebekah, but of course she spells her differently.

I think you did a great job with your writing. I have an eight year old daughter named Abbie and she loves to read!

Bethany said...

blue and purple
yes i like piano

Tan said...

Hi Rebecca
Fantastic effort on your first post, I look forward to hearing more from you. If you have an Atlas or Globe at home, see if you can find Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. That is where I am writing from.
Kind regards

Mama from Uganda said...

Well done sweety. Would you like to email back and forth with my 7 year old daughter? Her name is Eryn and she has grown up in Uganda, Africa. She would love a friend her age! Please let your mama know and she can email me.

Grandma said...

Hi Rebecca,
You did a great job on your first blogging experience!
Love ya, Grandma