Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bits and Pieces (01-18-2011)

Hello friends! I have just a few minutes to compose a post. I spent my first 35 minutes checking in on all my friends.

First of all, I gotta recommend a great book. Please, please go get a copy of The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom. Unless your heart is cold and hard, this book will motivate you to great things! I can honestly say that this book has changed my perspective on life!

Secondly, I am getting excited about the future of my family. No... no exciting news... Just that God is moving on my heart! He is softening the hard areas, mending the broken areas, and bringing joy to the sad areas. I can't really get more in-depth in my 20 remaining minutes. Just know that God is at work in the Woods' family!

Thirdly, God has been giving me a lot of dreams lately. I think that God is showing me that He wants to take  our family to a place (geographically) where we can make a big impact on the kingdom of God. A place where we will see genuine worship, people delivered from bondage, healing from sicknesses, passionate Bible teaching, and more.

I am not saying that I expect something drastic to happen tomorrow or even next year. I think it is more likely that God is molding my heart and preparing me for something to come later. And, that gets me excited! Oh- that God would help my unbelief and make me into a woman that could be used to reach the so-called "unreachable."

As for my health, the supplements are indeed giving me more energy. I am not yet able to get up much earlier, but I am staying up later. I am cooking every meal, and there are no dishes on the counter over night! THIS is a HUGE accomplishment!!! We are doing school more as well (though as I said here before, that has a lot to do with NOT having the internet in our home).

Paul has not yet heard back about the full-time jobs he bid on at UPS. I will let you know when I hear anything.

Sorry this post has been so choppy. Gotta go!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Naturopath (01-08-2011)

(Reposted: 5-8-2013. Unedited. Cannot remember why I removed this post???) 

I am at the library in Tiger Town... I feel like I have done something complicated, by learning how to reserve and use a computer. (Don't be too impressed. I said I feel like I have done something. I see little kids using computers, so it can't really be that hard.)

I wanted to give you all an update on my health (first and foremost). And, if there is time remaining in my short 60 minute reservation, I will no doubt find other things to chat about.

I first saw my naturopath in early December. We did a heap of labwork (blood, urine, and saliva) to get to the root of all my problems. I finally got to go back to get my results last week. (My family has been sick for a month straight. We used to think that vitamins and supplements were keeping us healthy, now I just think we were staying well because we lived so far from town.)
The results:
- Adrenal Fatigue
- Vitamin D deficiency (still...)
- building a kidney stone
- average inflammation
- iron shortage (though I am not anemic)
- decent thyroid scores

The treatment, in short: I am taking many new supplements for the adrenal fatigue. I am taking a new (and better) Vit D3. I was put on new kind of dietary plan which include more protein and fiber. I am taking HCL for my digestion - in part to help me absorb all these new supplements. I should be feeling an immediate change in my energy levels!!!

Also, after a month of adrenal support treatments, the doc wants me to do some detox/cleansing. Due to my moldy house (which we recently moved from) I have a lot of issues...

The best news of all - My testing showed that I AM NOT intolerant to: gluten, casein, soy, or dairy!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

(Ach! Only 33 minutes left!)

Paul's job - Paul quit his job at Sears. It was a GOOD decision. I don't want to get into all the reasons why right now. Just trust me, it was the RIGHT thing to do.
He recently "put a bid" on a handfull of full-time positions with UPS. Some of the bids were for full-time driving positions within the district, but FAR from Tiger Town. Some of these positions would require a move, if he got the bid. But, it would be worth it financially.
If he does not get any of these full-time bids, he will resume looking for local part-time work to supplement UPS until it does go full-time.

The kids -  They have each been sick. Lydia was very sick for a while. But, they seem to be getting stronger now. No one is sick today. We plan to all go to church tomorrow for the first time in over a month.
- Rebecca is reading very well.
- Nelson is learning to read.
- Lydia is learning phonics.
- Joshua is a bright little three-year old... that means he's trouble ; )
- Baby Josiah is one now. He is walking some. He is cute and sweet and always hungry!

That is about all the update I can squeeze in today. Paul was here at the library a few days ago and looked at some of your blogs. I hope to get back again soon to read about you all and catch up!

(I turned comments back on, but with "moderation." It might be weeks before I read and reply!)