Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bits and Pieces (01-18-2011)

Hello friends! I have just a few minutes to compose a post. I spent my first 35 minutes checking in on all my friends.

First of all, I gotta recommend a great book. Please, please go get a copy of The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom. Unless your heart is cold and hard, this book will motivate you to great things! I can honestly say that this book has changed my perspective on life!

Secondly, I am getting excited about the future of my family. No... no exciting news... Just that God is moving on my heart! He is softening the hard areas, mending the broken areas, and bringing joy to the sad areas. I can't really get more in-depth in my 20 remaining minutes. Just know that God is at work in the Woods' family!

Thirdly, God has been giving me a lot of dreams lately. I think that God is showing me that He wants to take  our family to a place (geographically) where we can make a big impact on the kingdom of God. A place where we will see genuine worship, people delivered from bondage, healing from sicknesses, passionate Bible teaching, and more.

I am not saying that I expect something drastic to happen tomorrow or even next year. I think it is more likely that God is molding my heart and preparing me for something to come later. And, that gets me excited! Oh- that God would help my unbelief and make me into a woman that could be used to reach the so-called "unreachable."

As for my health, the supplements are indeed giving me more energy. I am not yet able to get up much earlier, but I am staying up later. I am cooking every meal, and there are no dishes on the counter over night! THIS is a HUGE accomplishment!!! We are doing school more as well (though as I said here before, that has a lot to do with NOT having the internet in our home).

Paul has not yet heard back about the full-time jobs he bid on at UPS. I will let you know when I hear anything.

Sorry this post has been so choppy. Gotta go!


Ruby said...

I consider raising and training a family, being a wife and home maker, to be "great work for the kingdom" ♥

NYLass said...

So sweet to see this update and praying for God's continual blessing for you and your dear family!

Bluebell Country said...

So glad to hear from you friend!

Profecia e Poesia said...

Please pray about coming to South America! Also write me about it.

We are needing missionaries, but we don't have money nor a high structure to "hire" missionaries. I'm part of a little "Puritan" denomination, and I would be very happy to explain our theological positions to your family if you think God is calling you to serve Him with us. Our denomination is a "Reformed Puritan" church, with more house-churches than "temple" churches.

God bless you and your beautiful family.

Profecia e Poesia said...

Please pray and think about the "Reformation" in South America!
Here we are in huge, very huge, territory where the biblical is very very rare. There are a great number of "prosperity churches" and "low charismatic churches" that sell "annointed oil" and "annointed roses" to cure and to cast demons", but a really small number of Gospel Churches.

Maybe our Lord and God is calling you to come and serve with us or to help us in someway. We don't have money nor a great structure to "hire" missionaries. We are a small denomination with one "temple" church and many house-churches. We are a simple, "puritan" and reformed church, founded by Rev. Robert Kalley, Rev. Charles Spurgeon and Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne in the end of the 19th Century. I would be glad to share more about our little group by e-mail.
I read your blog and I have some idea about what do you believe.

The Puritans were not "charismatics" but they also were not "cold" and closed to the power of God and of the Holy Ghost. We believe that there is a biblical balance that preserves the "Sola Scriptura" and the life of the Spirit. We believe that these men called "Puritans" have undestood it very well. The later puritan Jonathan Edwards is a good example on that. There are a lot of good preaching and books I can link to you and your family about it, if you want.

Please so remember us at your prayers. We are facing a hard struggle here and the battles are increasing each day. The work are also increasing and even more now that we founded a Seminary.

We pray that our Lord send to us pious men and women to serve Him here. Please remember us at your prayers. We would also be glad if you and your family keep some contact with us by e-mail. This contact would be very good to our women also, since we are "leaving" the ways of the world to become biblical Christians and we are very lonely here because of it. There is no one to share experiences about homeschooling, about how to raise the children in the fear of the Lord, etc.

So, please remember us and try to keep some contact with us.

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

Profecia e Poesia,

Thank you for your comments. I will pray for your work as God brings you all to mind. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I have not been able to access the internet for a few weeks.


Bethany W. in mid-MO said...


You are absolutely right - thanks for the reminder.


Profecia e Poesia said...

Thank you.

Please pray for us and tell more people about our needs. Please ask if the brothers at your church can congregationally pray for us too.

I'm sorry if I bothered you if my comment. And I'm sorry if I expressed more hope than I must have, or if I'm too excited about what is happening here and about how much we need help.