Monday, November 29, 2010

11-29-2010 Update


First and foremost - A few weeks ago both Nelson and Lydia prayed to ask God to forgive them of their sins!

Secondly - We are still thanking God for our new home.

Also - Being without internet access seems to be one of the best things that has ever happened to us! While I miss my bloggy friends, I am getting SO much more done. We are logging SO many school hours! I seriously thought that I was not spending all that much time on the internet, but now I see that I must have been! The dynamic within our home has completely changed!!! (Of course, some of this could be because we are not all sick... from the old farmhouse). I am trying hard every day to live for God and not for myself. And, I am seeing now - as I should have before, if I would have admitted it - that my time spent on the computer was all about me. And, when the children needed my attention I would snip at them. I was being very selfish. And, I am SO glad that God took away our internet access for a time so that I could see that! I know now that if we get internet in our new home I will NOT be using it during the day when the children need me! (This same idea spreads into other areas too, like I will not read for my own pleasure while the children need me.)

Prayers needed:
Well, there is so much that I cannot begin to write it all down during my limited time right now. Please just keep praying for my family, for Paul's jobs!, and for my health!

I do not have time to write more. Sorry I cannot stop by your sites and say hello. I miss you all! No comments again, because I cannot moderate.

Blessings to you all,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

See you soon

If you are reading this post, then we have been without internet access for longer than I expected! 

If you miss me too much you can read through my archives ; ) 
We hope to be back online soon.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parenting Expectations

Reposted 09-26-2011, Edited for content

How much of your child's behavior is directly related to your expectations of them? A lot, I think. Granted, my oldest is only eight  - I could be wrong. But it seems to me that we excuse a lot of sin by calling it "age appropriate behavior."

Terrible Twos - Parenting magazines and books make a big deal about the terrible twos. Children at this age are certainly very independent. But, should we expect them to be terrible? If you plan for the worst, you will probably get what you expect from your child.

Specific Example: Most people would say that a two or three year old cannot sit through a church service. Some parents would go so far as to say it is like a punishment for a young child to sit still through a service. Or that it simply can't be done. I want to challenge that mentality. You can train your two year old to do hard things, like sit quietly through a service (without toys and crayons, at that). It takes hard work (and determination) on the part of the parents, but it can be done.

Teenagers - Everyone knows that all teenagers rebel, right? Wrong. We know people in real life whose children have not rebelled, you might know of some too. You might even be a young person who went through those years without rebelling.  I firmly believe that if you bring up your child from infancy expecting them to rebel, then you are probably raising them in such a way that they will rebel. Does that make sense? If you raise your teen with low expectations and low standards, they will likely rise to your low expectations of them.
I am NOT advocating that we push our kids to perfection that will drive them mad! I am just saying that we have been lied to by pop psychiatry and sitcoms. Our kids do not necessarily have to rebel. Some will. Some won't. It has a lot to do with how you raise them. It has a lot to do with your expectations.
Specific Example: "Joe, your curfew is eleven...though I don't know why I bother to give you a curfew at all, since you will stay out late anyway." This would be the perfect example of giving your child license to disobey.

I am no expert. My kids are not perfect. I am far from perfect. This is just a theory I am putting together from what I see around me.

ADDED 09-26-2011:
I am still trying to expect the best from my children. But some times things do not go as you expect. Paul is always reminding me that the Bible says that "As a man thinks, so he is." But, we just don't have control of everything! I have a young lady in my home whose body chemistry and hormones are going crazy at an early age (began at 9). People are always talking about what a horrible teenager she will be. I am concerned that if she keeps hearing these ideas that she might lower to their standards. BUT, Paul and I are daily praying that we will be able to train her to control her mind and body even when she is confused, moody, irritable, etc. We choose to expect the best. We will encourage her as we can. God will do the rest.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov. 8th Update

(Reposted 5-8-2013. Unedited. This is part of our family journey, so I put it back up.)

I have just a minute to write.

1- We just cannot find any internet providers in our area. We are still doing without. It has been good to have a break, and be more focused on school without the distraction of the internet. But, I never realized just how much I rely upon internet for my "curriculum!"

2- I am feeling well. No joint pain or muscle pain since I wrote that last update. Maybe it was because we stirred up all the mold dust moving out of the old house, at least that's Paul's theory.

3- I am going to be teaching a little homeschool class (for my family and another family), out of the Drawing with Children book.

4- The new house has been such a blessing to us! No one has any more ear aches and sore throats! Praise the Lord! And, I have not had any headaches. Even the "brain fog" seems to have lessened in severity.

I will try to get back on a computer again soon. Sorry I cannot allow comments. But, I literally don't have the time to moderate comments (when I use a computer somewhere).

Gotta run!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Canning Goals

Reposted 09-26-2011

I was frustrated to discover that Wal-Mart's Great Value brand Dark Red Kidney Beans contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)! What will they add HFCS to next?!

I am no longer a food nazi that refuses to eat anything with sugar or HFCS in it. BUT, I do try to limit my family's intake!

One of my new goals for canning is that I will pre-soak/cook beans and can them. This would take up a lot of space, but it would be great for convenience! I am thinking that soaking a HUGE pot of just one bean variety would be enough to get me started. I don't want to become overwhelmed, trying to take on too much at once (who, me?). I think this plan of action sounds feasible. I got the idea of canning beans from Kim at Life in a Shoe.

I want to can my home-made re-fried beans, which I am currently freezing.

I want to can my own applesauce rather than freezing it.

I want to can my own pie filling.

These are just a few of my canning goals.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nelson's Birthday

This post was scheduled to publish while we are without internet access. For that reason we cannot allow comments.

Nelson is 7 today!

He is fun-loving!
He is super strong!
He loves his siblings (most of the time)!
He helps in the hay field!
He takes out my garbage and compost!

We are eager to watch him grow into the young man that God would have him to be! He is as strong and energetic as three men! So, we hope to shape him (by the grace of God) into a man that is as hard-working as three men!