Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We are living in the house that we moved in to back in October. We are content to stay here until we can buy our own place some day… Lord willing. The house does have its problems (what house doesn’t?), but NOTHING to be compared with the old farm house we came from!!! Do you remember the “plagues” I had there?! Mold! Flies! Mice! Rats! Snakes! Brown Recluse Spiders! Need I go on???

This new house has central air! And closets! And a fantastic landlord! And insulation! And a basement! And it looks pretty! So, in light of these considerations, we are willing to contend with the few minor difficulties we have had here… a toilet that overflows (a lot!), flooding in the basement in early Spring (that one caught us off-guard and we lost some stuff…), and being so close to the interstate that we can hear the rumble strips. We are exactly one mile North of Interstate 70, which is MO’s busiest interstate. Most of the time the hum of the interstate does not bother me, in fact, I rarely hear it now. But, sleeping with the windows open – the rumble strips do wake me up.

But, I am not saying any of this to be whiny. I really do like our house! And, we really are content here! We are not quite sure yet where to put another baby… but we’ll figure it out. We just love our landlord, and she loves our family too! She is fighting cancer, and we are doing all we can to aid her in the fight. We know that part of the reason we are here is to minister to our landlord in her time of need.

All in all, the house is working out really well for us! We thank God for this good gift!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Update - School

Our legal requirements for the school year are met! (And then some) Not all of my personal goals were met, but that is not as important. The children are all learnimg a lot. Becca reads very well. Nelson and Lydia are in the trenches of learning to read. Joshua is doing pre-k stuff- Becca usually teaches him. She loves it! Rebecca's favorite subject in school is reading. Nelson prefers science and engineering work. Lydia likes her Veritas Press Phonics museum work.

In MO the schoolyear for homeschoolers ends June 30th. On July 1st we will begin fourth grade, second grade, first grade and kindergarten.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Paul has a new second job. He has been with MidwayUSA for about a month. It has been a tough transition but we are trying to adapt. He is still looking at UPS as his career. We pray that he will goes full time at UPS soon.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smart phone

My old phone broke and Paul had to buy me a new phone. He picked a smart phone...with the works. (can you guess who plays with it most?) Anyway, I can check my emails and blog again. Update to come later.