Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov. 8th Update

(Reposted 5-8-2013. Unedited. This is part of our family journey, so I put it back up.)

I have just a minute to write.

1- We just cannot find any internet providers in our area. We are still doing without. It has been good to have a break, and be more focused on school without the distraction of the internet. But, I never realized just how much I rely upon internet for my "curriculum!"

2- I am feeling well. No joint pain or muscle pain since I wrote that last update. Maybe it was because we stirred up all the mold dust moving out of the old house, at least that's Paul's theory.

3- I am going to be teaching a little homeschool class (for my family and another family), out of the Drawing with Children book.

4- The new house has been such a blessing to us! No one has any more ear aches and sore throats! Praise the Lord! And, I have not had any headaches. Even the "brain fog" seems to have lessened in severity.

I will try to get back on a computer again soon. Sorry I cannot allow comments. But, I literally don't have the time to moderate comments (when I use a computer somewhere).

Gotta run!

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