Monday, November 9, 2009

Book Review

Dinner is in the oven and I have a few minutes to write a quick review.

The Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples, by Larry Burkett

- a very easy read, I read it it one night
- I think it would be a great tool for premarriatal counselling, or a gift for newlyweds!
- I wish we had read this book 10 years ago! There was nothing new to me now... everything in the book (by way of practical help) we have learned the hard way
- God-centered and Bible-centered
- unlike the other guy (you know, the one on the radio with the Money, Money, Money, Money theme song), Burkett does not encourage women to work to meet the financial needs. In fact, he says that a woman's income should not even be included in the budget, because at any point she may need to leave her job
- very practical... again, if I had only read it 10 years ago...

My favorite part was in the introduction, where he mentions different personalities. I had to work to keep myself from laughing out loud when I read my personality: (The reference to the swing set is a comparison to a different personality... the guy who does NOT read the instructions...)
"Compliant is the perfectionist who wants clear-cut guidelines and conformance to detail. You'll know them when the order the swingset, because not only do they read the instructions, they correct the spelling and grammar before the begin."
Isn't that hysterical! OK, so maybe you have to know me... anyway, I think it's funny.

This book is a must read for the engaged or newly married couple.


Tan said...

sounds like a great book! I have learnt heaps from a site here in Oz called, the free part of the site is certainly worth a browse. Id love to hear from you on how you've survived thus far in sometimes difficult circumstances.
kind regards

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm definitely a "compliant." Too funny.

Randy likes to listen to "the other guy" (at least if it's the guy I'm thinking of), but we take what he says with a grain of salt. I think he's got a LOT of good, solid information. But we strive to keep our priorities biblical, and not just wise by the world's standards.

Thanks for the review, I'll have to add it to my library list!