Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Van Update: We still have not gotten a bigger van. We have been looking at ads and searching a few car lots. We need to sell Paul's truck to buy a van, and we have not gotten any "bites" on that yet. Keep praying. We know that God has something for us somewhere.

Paul's health: His pleurisy has not gone away, it will be 2 weeks today. I am wandering if he was misdiagnosed, but surely with a chest X-ray that is impossible... right? He is not gripping and clutching at his chest (the right side) the way he was in the beginning, but he says the pain has spread to a larger area. He is still working... but probably hoping the Baby will come soon and give him some time off.

School: I said that I am on maternity leave a few weeks back. But, we read a LOT! We go to the library several times a week and get dozens of books. I am glad the children love to read and be read to! But, no math or science for a while. I just don't have the physical and mental stamina right now.

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