Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nelson Health Update

Nelson seems fine today. He did not throw up again (after y-day at 9:30 am). No headache, no pain. And, he played. So - looks like that might have been a bad migraine or just some nasty headache. Everyone else seems healthy.

Paul went back to work two days ago, and he says that his pleurisy chest pains are worse... but he plans to work through it. The doc said that exercise and work would help.

I am tired today. I took two naps. You would think I was really big and pregnant or something... I feel so lazy, but I just can't get up and work. Hopefully, my sons are learning compassion for future wives, and my daughters are learning something positive too. But, I feel for all the world like a lazy bum.

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Anonymous said...

Rowan asked about Nelson and was glad to hear he is feeling better. Kimi is doing much better also. I will continue to pray for you and Paul. Take heart- pregnancy doesn't last forever!