Thursday, December 22, 2011


It is a little unusual to have a 39 week ultrasound, but we did it nonetheless.

Baby appears to be 8 pounds, 8 ounces ("give or take half a pound"). I do NOT have too much fluid, so that worry is no longer a concern.

I am thinking (at least today, right now) that if Baby does not come on his own I will go ahead and go in for the inducement Weednesday morning. We are praying that Baby would come before then, but NOT on Saturday. Paul will be working ALL DAY (until evening) delivering packages. He cannot get out of it unless I go into labor before he leaves that day (and even then UPS would not be congenial). He will be completely unavailable to me that day. So, we are praying for a Friday baby... or a Sunday baby, just NOT a Saturday baby. (I have made other arrangements just in case. I wouldn't go in alone...)

Thanks to y'all for your prayers.


MamaHen said...

Okay, I will specifically pray that it not be Saturday. I know you are so excited to meet him though!

Anonymous said...

about your sidebar vote - my answer would be yes we're going to church Christmas, but more because it is our habit for the Lord's Day, which to us is much more important than Christmas. The regular gathering together of the local congregation each week for worship is commanded. It's in God's 'top ten' list! Christmas worship is not. On the other hand, it was our tradition when I was growing up to always have worship Christmas morning and I've always liked that. Of course in your case you might be busy with something else this year... :-)

-Mrs. B

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Mrs. B,
I thought about that as an answer after I published the poll - and I could not add it later. The reason for the poll was my own frustration of churches cancelling services on Christmas. I had written a post about it, but Paul and I felt that it would be needlessly divisive. So, I left the poll without explanation.

Thanks for your thoughts. Weekly gathering is more important to us than Christmas as well.