Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hoping for a SLOW day

Paul is delivering Saturday Air packages today and will be occupied until very late this afternoon (so far as he knows). So, I cannot have this baby today. Not that I'm having any contractions yet. I just feel anxious and a little helpless. So, I am planning to sit and read all day. I don't want to do anything that might possibly break my water. (My water has broken first with most of my Babies.) Yep, I'm gonna put my feet up and watch the kids tear up the house. (And, maybe clean it... then tear it up again.)

Last night's date was fun. We did the appetizer sampler at Applebees' and brought home leftovers. Then, we bought me a slice of cheesecake at HyVee grocery store. It was a good date. We also drove downtown and looked at the lights around campus. It was actually kind of pretty ...

We had a good time!

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