Tuesday, December 20, 2011

39 Week Check Up

Baby is healthy. His heartbeat was 126.

No dilation. Nothing happening.

I have scheduled an elective inducement for next Wednesday, the 28th. I don't want to do it, and I can still cancel... but I had to reserve a place early. Anyway, we won't know for sure until we see an ultrasound this coming Thursday, but my measurement jumped by 3cm in one week. Either the baby is huge, or I have too much amniotic fluid... either option is not happy.

I was induced with Josiah - you can read his birth story here. It was the same hospital almost exactly two years ago. I am scared. I don't like the pain of being given too much Pitocin. I don't like the pain of one contraction on top of another without break. And, I didn't like the fear of them telling me that if my water broke before baby's head was down that we would need and emergency C-section. All of those painful memories are right in my mind... though the worst did not happen.

I was starting to get a handle on my fear. I was starting to be at peace, instead of constantly anxious. But, now I am a ball of emotion again. I came out of the office crying today... inductions scare me! Anytime we try to make things happen in our timing, it seems like there is more possibility of trouble.

If I do not do the induction Wednesday (and the baby does not come first) then she wants to for sure induce me the following Wednesday (Jan 4th). She does not let patients go past one week late (which is why Josiah was induced 2 years ago). So, I have some praying to do.

Prayers for peace and wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Horror stories of labor/inducements would NOT be appreciated. I am a bit of an emotional wreck, so please pamper me with nice comments. ; )


MamaHen said...

Oh Bethany, I am so sorry you are scared and worried right now. I know that is hard. Take it to Jesus. I know that sounds trite, but it is true, just pour it all out to him. He is desiring that relationship with you.

Let the baby's birth, the timing, the delivery, which nurses you have, everything, be His perfect gift to you. He knows what you and baby need when you need it. He is not in heaven wringing His hands trying to figure this one out. He already knows. Try to rest in that.

Bean said...

Two of mine were induced, and all went well. When my time would come I would think about how my mother, my grandmothers, great grandmothers, on back and back had all managed to give birth and that I would be fine too. I also would think about the fact that it would be just one day out of the thousands of days I have in my life and that the reward at the end of my labor was going to be truly amazing :)
Hang in there, baby will be here soon, and remember many of us out here in blog land are keeping you in our prayers.

Blessings to you,


Dawn said...

Although it was never what I dreamed of I was induced with all of my babies and they all went okay.

Bethany in mid-MO said...

If this is my good friend Dawn, then WHAT?! I thought you almost died in labor?! I call that a pretty major concern :0)

Thanks for the encouragement. (No sarcasm, I mean it)