Monday, December 12, 2011

Analogy - The Holy Spirit

First of all, you have to understand that sometimes my sweet, nearly-perfect Rebecca likes to put on airs with her younger siblings. ; )   So, we had just finished eating a smallish kind of meal and I asked, "Did everyone get enough to eat?" Simple question, right? Well, Rebecca says something along the lines of "I think I am full, but the human body cannot really know when it is full." It sounded even sillier, because she was using a snooty-know-it-all kind of voice. I replied, "That's a lie! Of course you can know you are full, but sometimes we don't listen to our bodies."

Then it hit me - teaching moment - here is an anaolgy for the Holy Spirit, and I shared it with the chlidren. There are people who think that the Holy Spirit will not speak things to their hearts, will not give any impressions, and is not moving in Christians today. What I think is that many of us have quenched the Spirit, the way we suppress our knowledge that our body is full. My body tells me it is full, but I might choose to over-indulge anyway... Over time, I will become overweight/unhealthy, because I ignore the signs my body gives me.

Are you listening to the Holy Spirit, letting Him move in your life? Or, have you blocked His "voice" so many times that you no longer sense it at all?

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