Thursday, December 1, 2011

Concerns and Praise

First the concern - Paul made the decision to step away from the UPS driver's helper job. He was helping on a route at one of the hospitals and Mizzou every day. But, due to my health/fatigue he has told them that he can no longer help this season in that job. He IS still doing his other jobs: pre-load (very early morning) and Saturday Air Driving. I heard Paul talking with a couple at church last night and he told them that I get up every morning "completely debilitated." It was a little hard to hear myself described in such a way (because I want to be SuperMom), but it is true.
But, even in this - God is very good to us! Because of my fatigue, Rebecca has had to become chief cook. And, because of my fatigue, I had to re-vamp the chore chart and make the kiddoes pickup some slack. (Not necessarily my slack... I should not have been doing so much myself. They picked up jobs that they should have been doing anyway.)
Also, I let Rebecca teach science y-day. That was good for her. She really is a gifted teacher, we just need to train out some of the bossiness.

Other praise - One of the ladies at church bought Joshua (age 4) a brand new winter coat! He really needed it!

Potential praise - I cannot tell you details right now, but Paul is talking with someone about an old 15 passenger van. We praise God whether this is the van for us or not, because we know that He will provide for our needs according to His riches... in His Time.

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Anonymous said...

I have also seen the fine line between gifted teacher/leader and bossiness. It's wonderful for you to recognize giftings (and their dangers) early!

-Mrs B