Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do NOT Buy This PlayPen for a Baby!

We bought this Evenflo Playpen when our last playpen had to be retired. At the time we only needed a play pen for our toddler to sleep in at Grandma's house. For that purpose the playpen is just fine. BUT, we bought it also thinking that it would be used as a bassinet for the new Baby. We finally got around to looking at the bassinet feature and we are VERY disappointed! The little bassinet that hangs inside the big playpen sinks in the middle... I mean, it really sags! Paul and I were actually frightened at the thought of using it! But, we cannot afford a new bassinet now so we had to make do. Here is what we HAD to do to make the bed functional for a little baby.

First we had to put in a firm foundation. We used a baby corral panel, as we already had one on hand. (Waste not, want not). Plywood would likely have worked just as well, but we really did not want to spend money if we didn't have to.
Then, we had to add some squish-factor to the hardness of the baby gate. I used two old bassinet mattresses side by side. (again, we don't throw away what might be useful later.)

Lastly, we added the playpen's own mattress. We will have to buy a few more sheets and waterproof covers, but it will work out fine.

This was a somewhat simple fix, but only because we already had some extra junk on hand to work with. If you want a bassinet for your new baby, do NOT buy this product. 

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