Friday, December 2, 2011

Not on Bed Rest

I went back to my OB y-day afternoon. I was told to "take it easy," "be nice to myself," "drink  more fluids," "put my feet up," and not go Christmas shopping. But she did NOT say bed rest.

I really am trying to take it easy... to the point of irritation. It is really hard for me to sit and watch everyone else do the work! I do want my children to pick up more of the work load, but I am NOT one of those mothers who spends all day "supervising" while the children clean, cook, and keep on top of everything. In fact, I am occasionally scolded by such mothers that I am doing too much. **sighs** We are always trying to find moderation.

I will try to "take it easy." And I will drink more water. And I can promise not to do any Christmas shopping (haven't bought a gift in years...).

I will try to put my feet up more. My library is helping me ; ) I was able to get a book through inter library loan (for only 50 cents) that I have been wanting to read for years! Expect a review soon.

That's all for now. I am going to leave my seat here for my seat on the couch.

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