Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Setting Up a Nursery - sort of

We don't have a baby nursery in our house, as our babies room in for about a year. But we have been getting our bedroom set up for the new arrival. Don't you love how I put things off until it has to be done? Ignore the paint on the walls, that was not my choice, it came with the house.

Our changing table was ruined in a "flood" in our last house (don't ask...). So, I am working out a new system. For the toddler, changing on the bed has been our standard operating procedure. But, with a newborn... no way. Babies poop like 5 times a night. They whiz while you are changing them. And, my husband does not need me turning on a light on the bed every three hours.

So, I am going to buy this diaper changing table pad (or one very similar) and set it on the pretty nightstand. It is shorter than will be comfortable for me, but it will be a great height for the girls. And, yes, Rebecca changes cloth diapers. Lydia can change disposable diapers, but she will learn the cloth trade soon!

And, since we don't have a diaper changing table with storage, I am using the white plastic bin for diapers, covers, pins, burp cloths and anything else. The little light on top will not be too bright for middle of the night changes.

The garbage can is my diaper pail. We put cloth diapers, soiled clothes, and burp cloths in this pail until it fills up and we wash them about every other day. (I intend to write more about cloth diapering later.)

And did you notice the Boppy Pillow on the bed? That is a necessity for nursing mamas!

So, there you have it - my nursery. Now, all we need is the Bubby!

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