Saturday, December 3, 2011


I realize that if I go a day without posting that you all are likely to think I have delivered my baby.

Not yet. We are still praying for a full-term baby.

I was VERY sick y-day. I said in my last post that I am NOT on bed rest, but I am supposed to "take it easy." (Whatever that means when you have 5 under 10!) Anyway, I went to Wal-mart for groceries and got VERY sick... in the parking lot. Paul rushed me home and I laid down the rest of the night, but I had the most painful contractions ever! I told my mom this morning that "they weren't the real thing, they hurt too bad." That might not make sense, but the contractions were one on top of another. Paul was panicked and begging me to go to the hospital...but I couldn't. I was in way too much pain. During one of the contractions I was holding a plastic cup in my hand... and broke it. (The pain was similar to being induced into labor and having the Pitocin levels set too high, so that your contractions have no space in between and hurt like crazy.)

I was sick again before bed, but slept without any more episodes. And, after my last trip to the bathroom, my pains subsided some. I woke up every hour to sip some water or clear soda. I kept all that down. I am moving around a little this morning, but I have NO desire to have a repeat of y-day. I think I learned  my lesson. If I do get sick again today, I will let Paul take me in for an IV, I know that I am terribly, terribly dehydrated.

The good news -and this might make you laugh... remember how I was asking you all to pray about labor, because I was so scared? Well, the pain last night was so much worse than labor that I am no longer as scared. How is that for a peculiar answer to prayer?

Please pray for my health (and Baby's). Please pray that the kids will eagerly work more than what they consider to be their fair share. Paul could not get out of driving today. But, they promised him the local route, and he hopes to be home by lunch. And, I have a lady from church coming over this morning with a few groceries. I wouldn't be surprised if she helps clean something while she is here - she is that kind!

Thank God for His many mercies - and may we always be able to see the mercies through the troubles.

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