Tuesday, December 20, 2011

GREAT Baby Shower Idea!!!

One of my dear friends, my former next-door neighbor, threw me a special kind of baby shower.

A FILL-MY-FREEZER baby shower!!!

Last night, my friend delivered two coolers full of pre-prepared, frozen meals for my family to heat up when we need them. We are SO blessed! Not only is it FREE FOOD, it is free COOKED food!

What makes this even more special to me, is that I do not even know most of the ladies who cooked the meals! My girlfriend attends a different church gathering than we do. (A great example of what the church is supposed to be/do!!!) And, these ladies went all out. And, since each of them is used to cooking for a large brood (as many as 10 kids) the meals are all B.I.G.

One lady contributed 2 large chicken pot pies. Another made 4 pizza kits with homemade dough and store-bought sauce included, toppings already cooked. Another gave lasagna. Another gave large portions of  "Mexican Bean dip" with tortillas....ummmm. Someone also gave us cookies and another contributed elk meat (burger) and farm fresh eggs. There were also some side dishes included.

We are SO blessed! If you have a friend who has had a baby recently or is about to give birth, consider a fill-my-freezer party! It will be a gift from God to their family!


MamaHen said...

When Abbie was born four friends did this for me and even thought it wasn't as many meals as you recieved it was wonderful. I had received hot meals when other babies came and that is also wonderful, but knowing there were frozen ones already there for when the hot ones ran out was the best feeling ever!

Dawn said...

Fantastic plan! what a blessing.