Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Without Apologies (Food Expenses Part 2)

Disclaimer: This blog is about growing in the Lord. And, I want to distinguish that I am NOT saying in any of my "healthy living" posts that eating better gets me in better standing with God. Healthy eating is a good thing, but it does not improve my relationship with the Lord. I post about this topic, because it is important to me as a homemaker. You have liberty to eat as you will... eating Oreos and McDonalds will not send you to hell... I am never, never saying that.   

I was woken up during the night and I could not get back to sleep. So, I pondered my food expenses again. (Please tell me that I am not the only person who lies awake in the middle of the night solving the problems of the world?)

Anyway, I thought of more expensive foods that I buy... without apology. Paul and I are definitely on the same page here.

We sweeten our foods with honey (the best that we can afford). We use REAL, pure maple syrup on our oatmeal and pancakes. These items are pretty expensive (since we cannot keep bees right now... though it is a long-term goal! And, we are not likely to start tapping trees for sap this year.) But, no matter how cheap sugar/brown sugar is (REALLY cheap) we only use it if we have to. Occasionally we buy succanat to replace the brown sugar in recipes.

We buy cheeses that are milk based, not oil-based. We eat a lot of cheese, though I no longer serve it by itself as a snack. We use our food processor or a grater to shred cheese for many meals. And, it is wonderful how a meal of rice and beans is transformed by cheese!!! Yep - we will not be cutting out this expensive item either.

Butter - ummmm.... butter... We LOVE cooking with butter and slathering it on our fresh bread. But, unless we find really good deals, butter can be really expensive. We tried to make our own, but our raw milk comes from a cow with a lower butter-fat-content. It is still my dream (make that OUR dream) to have our own goats or cows... the higher butter content the better!, some day. But, this is another LONG-term goal. We have not bought margarine for about 3 years.

So, this post is the results of my midnight ponderings. We choose to buy some expensive foods. And, I am okay with that. Still, we don't want to go overboard on our food expenses goals or our healthy eating goals. We will keep praying that we will keep a good balance on these issues. (Fortunately for me, my husband excels at moderation!)

How about you? Do you feel balanced? How would you like to see change in your family? Are you very little concerned about healthy eating? Are you too concerned about healthy eating? Maybe someone else here can learn from your comments.

And, in case I don't see you again, Happy Thanksgiving! 


Bean said...

Walmart butter is $2/lb this week, a heck of a deal as butter is usually in the $3.25 to $4 range.

We only use butter, it is expensive, but so much nicer than margarine or spread.

We too eat a lot of cheese, we like sharp cheddar and swiss the best.

I think everyone has a few treat/favorites that go into the shopping cart and I don't think we need to feel guilty about it.



Papa, Mama and Buniq said...

Practicing an 80/20 food style works well for most, unless health issues require 100%.
Allow room for the occasional not so good stuff as needed.
Maintaining a real food diet means much lower medical expenses, so in the end one can spend the higher amount on food that is in its natural state.
God made our bodies to require the food He created in order to thrive.
Feed the body in the manner of the world and sadly, it will break down faster then normal.

Bethany in mid-MO said...

We found butter on sale this week too! Happy day!

I don't know about what percentage we are right now. It is about the best we have ever done. And, unlike before, I am no longer owned by it. Does that make sense? I am managing our diet, and the diet is NOT managing me. It's a good feeling.
We don't spend much on doctors, most of the children haven't been to one for years. But, we do our yearly dental check ups. And, we spend a fair amount of money on supplements/vitamins. Still, you are right - it is much wiser/safer to spend money on real food than medical costs!


Papa, Mama and Buniq said...

I don't think I said diet should manage us ;)
Thinking its a 50-50 in many ways though.
Eat God's foods, and we will generally not run into trouble.
Though I am stuck with restrictions, one permanent and several temporary while I process through healing, but its all inexplicably tied together.

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Oh dear! I didn't mean that you said any such thing! I was talking about my attitude now compared to a year ago. I am so sorry if you thought I meant YOU were being "managed!" I was totally talking about me!

I want to make sure that I am doing the right things, with the right motivations. And, I want to make sure that I am not coming across as one who would put burdens upon men's backs that they will not lift one finger to take off.

I appreciate you comments, and I am very sorry if anyone thinks I was saying that you were unbalanced.