Thursday, November 17, 2011

What an Amazing Girl!

Both of my daughters amaze me. But this post is about Rebecca. A few weeks ago I found a notebook that she was writing in. I opened it and read it. I was blown over. She was writing to other young ladies about the importance of loving your family. I did not tell her that I found her book. I did not think on it again until today.

Then, last night she was in her bed but came running up the stairs to get a pencil and paper. I said, "What are you doing?" Her answer, "Working on something," and ran back to her room. Less than ten minutes later she came back with a song she had written. I read it, it is very sweet. And, I heard her sing it to her Daddy.

Then, this morning, she is planning out a Bible Study... to teach the girls at church Sunday, after church is over. She has chosen a text and songs. Who is this girl?! She amazes me!

At age 9, I was boy crazy. Rebecca is crazy in love with Jesus.

I would like to give Rebecca a voice on this blog. She has written on the blog before, under the label "Rebecca Writes." It has been a very long time, because typing is a real challenge to her. But, I asked Rebecca if she would like to write her magazine article or her song on our family blog. She seems excited. It might take a while to get it typed out and misspellings corrected. But, it will be coming soon.

When you think of it, please pray for Rebecca, as she will be working really hard to "publish" her thoughts on the blog.

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