Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Problems with the Puppy

Laugh with me.

I mentioned in a previous post that we would be getting a Great Pyrenees puppy from my FIL last week. We took her on a trial basis... and for this I am glad!

The puppies were named "Laddy" and "Lassy" by my MIL. I like original names. So, we decided to change our girl dog's name to "Diamond" (which means "bright shepherd"). Only thing is - the dumb dog will not respond to her new name OR her old name! Do you know how vexing that is? My kids are more obedient than this dog!

But, I am jumping ahead... Let's start from the beginning. My in-laws decided to buy two pure bred dogs from an Amish man who buys their hay. The dogs were born around March and my in-laws adopted them in May - one boy and one girl. Paul and I kindly pointed out some of the reasons that having two such dogs might present. But, my in-laws seemed to want both dogs.

As time passes, the dogs got bigger. One day they ran off together. No significant harm done... luckily. But, from that point on, my FIL decided to tie up one dog at all times. We felt sorry for the dogs, but had no interest in doing anything about the situation.

Then, a few weeks ago, Paul's dad asked us to put the girl dog on Craigslist to give her away. I liked the dog just enough to want to see it go to a good home - and not to a dog fighting ring. (Large breed dogs are often going missing in our area...) So, Paul and I discussed whether or not to bring the dog here. My pros and cons list was very lop-sided... with the CONS getting the majority. We knew that having a puppy around would be trouble.

But, what we did not realize:
- The puppy is already larger than our full grown lab
- The puppy will NOT respond to any name (including "hey, stupid!")
- The puppy does not like to stay at home, like my FIL bragged about, but rather she runs away
- The puppy wants to live inside, though it never has before!, and she likes to force her way in the door - nearly knocking over full-grown humans in the process
- The puppy would set a bad example for our old dog. Suddenly our six year old lab is chewing up baseball gloves too!!! We expected it from the puppy and kept everything out of reach (we thought). But, we did not expect Daisy to become puppy-like!

All in all, this new puppy is a pain in the neck. Since she runs away and does not respond to any name, we have been forced to tie her up. OH - did I mention that she is not yet fixed?! Yeah - we got troubles. Today a boy dog was in the yard and I ran out quickly to sequester the puppy into the locked garage... you know, just in case the boy dog is so determined that he learns to turn the door knob ; )

I still want to see this dog go to a good home. But, I do not think that our house is the good home. I think this beast puppy needs many acres to roam and some livestock to keep her from getting bored. (Hmmm, I think that these are two of the reasons we counseled Paul's folks not to get two herd dogs!)

So, there you have it... don't ever get a second dog.

Now, in typical Bob Barker fashion - "I'm Bethany, reminding you to have your pet spayed or neutered. Good bye."

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