Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Baby Prep.

Okay... I think I am ready... maybe...

I got our Baby Boy 0-3 month clothing out and put it into Baby's little drawers. And, I put one of his warm little sleepers and hats in my hospital suitcase. I got out the small cloth diapers, but I don't have a place to set them out just yet. I need to get a changing table or a real chest of drawers.

The ladies at church are giving me a shower this coming Sunday. I never thought Baby 6 would get a shower! And, I'm not sure what they are getting, since I have almost everything. But, I am hoping there will be refreshments!

All we really need now is a big van to carry us all in.

Otherwise, I think I am ready. I thought about writing a "birth plan," but I know from experience that it would be of no use to the hospital staff. Then, I thought that it would be a fun post to write about how useless a birth plan is for a hospital birth. But, in reality, that would frustrate me and NOT help me prepare for labor. (It is Paul's desire to have another hospital birth, and I thought I was okay with that until about last week... now I am remembering how little I get my own way and how pushy some of the nurses were... but I better just not think about it at all right now... OR, maybe I could have a home birthing kit ready, "just in case" *winks*. Oh, just kidding, Paul, didn't know you were going to read this, heehee... I'll be a good girl.)

I think I am ready.... maybe.

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