Saturday, November 12, 2011

Did I Do the Right Thing?

 I was obeying my husband's orders, so it must have been the right thing to do...

I put our new puppy on Craigslist. She has been such a burden to us. So, why do I feel so, so guilty? If only I could be sure that she would go to a Good home, I would not feel so bad. The biggest reason we took the dog was so that we would not have to post her on Craigslist for my FIL... not knowing who would take her away. Now - we face that dilemma anyway. Argh.

I think I better go read my other post and see all the very good reasons for getting rid of her. Oh... if only she wasn't so stinkin' cute! I saw her sleeping in a ball today, it just about melted my heart.

Here's her going away picture Craigslist picture. I said she was "Free to a good home."

Why do I feel so, so guilty? Really, I think I might cry.


Papa, Mama and Buniq said...

You did the right thing. She is a livestock guardian dog and needs a full time job. That is what she is looking for when she runs.
She will be much happier on a farm taking care of animals.

MamaHen said...

You did the right thing Bethany. Still doesn't make it any easier in the short run though. She looks like a great dog, but she will really need lots of room to run.

Gretchen Magruder said...

Bethany, I've been there! We adopted a puppy from the APL about 4 years ago. Sweet dog, but every time he was out in the backyard with the girls, he got so excited he'd jump up on them and tear their clothes, knock them over, or scare their friends to death. He destroyed EVERYTHING in our house. And the last straw was the day I realized I had become a "yeller"...yelling at the dogs, the kids...ugh! I felt like such a failure having to return him, but our home was a much more peaceful place after we did. 4 years later, we have found the PERFECT dogs for our family :)

Bethany in mid-MO said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! I saw on your blog the dog pics a few months ago. I was very happy for your girls! What a nice addition to your family!