Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Only 7 More Weeks to Prepare!!!

Oh dear, only 7 weeks until Baby 6 comes! I hope I start "nesting" soon, so that I can get everything ready!

My primary concern is making sure that Rebecca is ready to cook a few days worth of meals AND that we have the ingredients for them on hand. She has recently mastered making bread by herself. And, we rarely run out of those supplies, so at least the family won't starve. Rebecca and I made up a list of all the recipes she can cook beginning to end all by herself. We were very happy with all the options she has there. But... having ingredients on hand for those meals is another story!

Paul and I have talked about buying "convenience" foods for the freezer: hot dogs, frozen  pizza, ravioli, etc. But, I just don't think I can bare to see those foods come into my house again after we have worked so hard to cut them out. Plus, they are SO expensive! We are buying our food with cash now, accounting for every penny - and I am becoming more frugal every day! What's more - my family is all losing weight and I don't want to regress into old, unhealthy habits (again). So, let's hope that I get a sudden burst of nesting energy that lasts for the next 7 weeks. Because if the freezer is going to be filled, then I am going to cook the meals myself!!!

I don't know yet who will be here to watch our children when Paul and I are both at the hospital. Paul's folks are 20ish minutes away. So, they will likely be the babysitters.

But, you see, this is the problem - my mom and Paul's mom did not have quite so many kiddoes under foot when they were mamas with kids at home. So, when they come to my house they find it very hard to prepare a meal (and keep their sanity). This is completely understandable!!! However, they think that since they cannot do it Rebecca cannot do it either. But, Rebecca was born into this -and she does it VERY well. She is more efficient in the kitchen that I can ever hope to be. She is even able to incorporate the kids into cooking - I don't know how she does it ; )  But, my point is, if our mothers can agree to let Becca do the cooking, everyone should be well fed.

Let's hope they like our menu options...

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