Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last week was a good school week

I am simply amazed at all the homeschool hours I was able to "log" last week!

Mon through Sat, including an hour a day for chores:
Rebecca had 48 hours, for an average of 8 hours a day
Nelson had 37 1/2 hours, for an average of 6.25 hours a day
Lydia had 40 1/2 hours 6.75 hours a day
Last week was an exceptional week. Generally we stay around 4 hours a day (per child), which is why we do school 6 days a week, year-round...excepting sickness, baby births, vacations, etc.

Was it because I was more disciplined than usual? I doubt it. Was it because my kids were more interested than usual? Maybe. But, the single greatest factor is that Paul had my van at work all week. I have been "stranded" at home for about two weeks now, while Paul's truck sits awaiting gasoline... some day. But, it has been really good for us! I am NOT complaining. Well, I will complain that I lack the self-discipline to stay at home all day, every day if I have a car at my disposal. You just never realize how much those "little errands" add up to time spent away from the house/school.

How about you? Do you find a mystical connection between hours spent in school and days your car is unavailable to you?

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