Friday, November 11, 2011

I ordered...

 Rod and Staff Science Curriculum for 2nd grade this morning!!!

Happy day, I love to order new curriculum.

We were doing a more "classical" approach to education. So, we were not doing any science books in the elementary stage. But, I was reading A LOT of natural science books. Still, it seemed that the kids were always wanting more. And, I felt that I needed some kind of system to follow. So, I did it... I actually bought a science program. I chose 2nd grade, because I can modify it to serve 3 kids at once - don'cha just love homeschooling?! (I bought 1 teacher's guide and 3 workbooks, so I am not breaking any copyright laws... in case you care - all for only $20!!!)

Praise God for a little extra income from UPS "peak season!" Go on, friends, keep buying Christmas presents! And, ship them all with UPS ; )

Stay tuned as I plan to order social studies and math in the coming month!!!


MamaHen said...

I have not used Rod and Staff Science before. Let us know how you like it! I use Apologia and like it a lot, but always like to hear about other curriculum.

Anonymous said...

In many cases, you are not breaking copywrite laws if you copy for use in your own home/family. Some people do this so they can re-sell a book but I'm not sure this is right (or if you really come out ahead making that many copies.) You can inquire with publishers when in doubt.

Happy science learning!

-Mrs. B

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Mrs B,
I will give them a call about the copywrite before I order anything else. Thanks for the idea.