Monday, December 21, 2009


My contractions are close... about 3-5 minutes apart. One might wander why I am still here, instead of driving to the hospital... simple - they have stopped so many times, that I want to be sure! I will wait for a few more contractions to verify. These contractions are pressure, but no pain. I ought to be feeling pain, if a baby is coming...

Everyone here is getting a little antsy... they would all really like me just to go in and get this show on the road. Since I am already overdue, everyone is hoping that the OB will just break my bag of waters or induce me.... hmmm... those are the two reasons that I have not yet gone in. I want to do this as naturally as possible.

As it is, if I do not go into labor tonight, I have an OB appointment tomorrow at 3pm. She mentioned last week that (if I should be late) she would induce me at that time.

So... it looks pretty certain that tonight will be my last night as a pregnant mama. Either I go in to deliver naturally, or she induces me tomorrow afternoon. I pray that God will let it be all natural. I really hate being induced. I have a high pain tolerance, but being induced hurts worse than the normal labor/delivery pains. Plus, do we really know what these medicines do to Baby?! I do not like taking any risks with Baby's health. Yet, I will submit to being induced tomorrow... so long as the OB agrees to begin with the absolute lowest possible dose of the "Pit."

Please God, I will not have to worry about these issues... May He, in His great mercy, deliver my Baby before it comes to that point!


mhudson said...

Do you know if baby is engaged, or floating?
There was a mama up here who went through something similiar, and her baby ended up having his hand over his nose, plus he had a short cord, so he took forever to get engaged.
She did all kinds of exercises and he finaly wedged in place.

Bethany said...

Last Tuesday the Baby was still "floating." I will not know more until this afternoon.

homespun mommy said...

Just wanted to let you know, I am always overdue. With baby 3 dr. broke my water and I requested (ok nicely demanded) NO pit. I slowly but surely was able to go naturally. Just some encouragement. We are praying at the Heger house!


Steve and Paula said...

OK, that is funny, I was a t my hubby's work last night, and I signed into blogger properly,a dn it still used his bosses link!!
So, thats me above writing under MHudson !!!
Praying this is a good baby day for you.