Saturday, December 5, 2009

One Day Closer

Every day is one day closer to Baby Day! My lovely widget says that I have 13 days to go!

I am trying to stifle my nesting instinct, so that I do not over-do! I tried to clean my oven y-day, but I got too tired... so now the job is half done. It looks and smells better, but I did not get it rinsed well enough, and the baking soda left white residue... oh well.

Paul is driving a UPS truck this morning, and he forbid me to do housework while he is gone. He said specifically that I am not to clean the oven... oh well. I will try to obey... I'll try... does baking count as housework?

I know. I'm naughty. I just cannot seem to sit down and "take it easy." But, I'll try... really, I will try. But, my common sense says, "Do what you can while you can! Don't you know you could have a baby any day now?!"


Steve and Paula said...

He's driving a truck this morning!!!!???

I would come and help you with your nesting if I could.

Bethany said...


We have an understanding that he will work/drive any time they ask. It is peak season, and we cannot afford to say "no." I know that he can be reached if I go into labor... and I pray a lot!

I panic sometimes that Paul will miss the birth... and that I will have to go to the hospital under the crazy driving of my FIL... but I try to block those thoughts.

I have to trust that it will all work out!


Anonymous said...

There is a young woman due with her first baby about the same time as you - only God knows which one of you will be birthing first, but it's fun for me to make a little game in my mind of which of you it will be! (your both having boys too!)

Steve and Paula said...

Oh, I just meant that is wonderful that he is driving the truck!
I know its been touch and go, wondering if this job would stick.

Bethany said...

The job is still "touch and go," he may be laid off at the beginning of the year. There are presently 4 full-time drivers laid off. But, his driving position is as an "air driver" which is only on Saturday, and a rare weekday. We never know what the future holds, and we would appreciate your prayers!

Steve and Paula said...

Praying away!!!
I know its been said over and over, but God has something coming that is amazing.
Before long, He will have you in a place where you can pass on in kind.

So, here is to a peaceful birth.
And soon for your sake :o)