Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Day!

Paul and I celebrate ten years of marriage today! We have both changed so much!

We hope to have another member added to our family today!

I had contractions during the night... again. And, they stopped... again. But, I will not lose hope! He has to come some time!


Mama Hen said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you can relax some and enjoy this day.

Mama in Uganda said...

Oh, happy day indeed! The Lord has a way of taking us, our marriages included, from glory to glory. Now....come on little baby boy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! A baby would be a nice little gift!! Soon, very soon and when you least suspect, I'm sure!

NYLass said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Couldn't think of a better way to take your mind off waiting!!! :0)

God bless you guys!

Ruby said...

Hey Bethany, I see your counter is going up1 I wondered how it would cope when you passed the due date.
It's the 19th here and we have a couple of family birthdays today. Coming from a large extended famuily the new mums have to do a lot of dodging to get a birthdate which hasn't been used!
Baby's times are in His hands.
Thinking of you today.

Steve and Paula said...

Praying we can add another congrats very soon!