Wednesday, December 9, 2009

39 Week Check Up

I had almost all good news at the OB!

Not such good news first:
- high blood pressure (145 over 89, for me that is VERY high!), but NO other sign of hypertension

The good news:
The baby measured beyond 40 weeks, so she ordered an ultrasound. Remember, the concern was that the baby would be larger than 10 pounds (Baby #4 was 9 pounds 5 ounces). Well, the ultrasound showed a LOT of fluid, but my smallest baby yet! His weight y-day was about 7 1/2 pounds... and they supposedly put on a half pound a week. So, this could potentially be my smallest Baby! We will have to wait and see, but that is a huge answer to prayer!
Rebecca got to attend the ultrasound with me. This was her first time to see an ultrasound, and she had a great time! She did amazingly well identifying body parts! We could see on the pictures that Baby has hair on his big head. We could see Baby's whole rear end and legs under my rib cage... that explains all the shortness of breath. We even got to see the blood traveling through the umbilical cord! All very neat!

No signs of labor yet. I have not had a tummy contraction for about a week. I still have back spasms, but the OB did not think they are back labor. The OB wants me to come into the hospital when my contractions are 8 minutes apart (because this is Baby 5, and because I am roughly 45 minutes away from the hospital). I have only had one baby in the past in which labor started with contractions, and hers began at 6 minutes apart. But, no worries... she still took a few hours to arrive!

I am feeling more confident these days. I know that you all are praying for me. And, in addition to that, I am trying to put my focus on the good times following the pain and trauma. Every time that I think about labor and/or get panicked, I simply tell myself it only lasts a short while, then I get to hold my new little man! I try to set my mind to guessing the color of his hair... or how long he will be... or remembering the smell of the infant shampoo they use (with a hint of lavender)... and then I calm down again.

Almost there... only 9 days (or so) to go!


Gretchen Magruder said...

So happy to hear of your health and the health of your baby!! I'll be praying for you!

Mama from Uganda said...

Yes, what good news indeed! And what a special time for Rebecca. Thanks for keeping us posted. By the way, the week has been busy, I will try to have Eryn send Rebecca a letter soon.

Steve and Paula said...

Awesome news on the size of the baby. That will allow you to progress naturaly :o)

Anonymous said...

I'll just keep praying for you!!

Mama Hen said...

How exciting!