Friday, December 11, 2009

Still Here

I am still here, no baby yet.

We drove down around on a lot of gravel roads today... still no contractions.

I am due one week from today!


Ruby said...

Thinking of you Bethany!
Thanks for your comments today. Plenty of baby joy in this house. Your day will come soon. Can't wait for your little fellow to arrive and hear his name.

Mama Hen said...

Love it! Driving down gravel roads! I have never heard of that one before.

I too can't wait to find out his name.

NYLass said...

We are praying!!
Anne for all
P.S. - I still owe you a letter :0)

Mama from Uganda said...

Haha! When I was pregnant with our first we lived and worked on a dude ranch--it was summer and my husband gave tractor/hay rides. Needless to say, I would drive with him every day in hopes that it would move things along. No such luck :-) God's timing is perfect!

Mama from Uganda said...

I am wondering if, just maybe, you had that sweet little baby, as there have been no posts for a few days :-)