Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cloth Diapers

I forgot to mention y-day that I got a package of cloth diapers in the mail. This is what they look like, I don't know exactly where they were purchased. (I bought some a few years ago at the links I used below)

Indian Pre-fold - our kind friends sent us 20 of these! Adorable... I love cloth diapers!

Bummis cover - the ones we got in the mail are size small and white... SO CUTE! (Our generous friends sent us 5 covers!)


Anonymous said...

The days are getting exciting at your house!!! I heard this cute idea on the radio this morning, we are blessed with a couple
Christian radio stations, I don't always agree with some things that are said (some times a bit worldly) one caller this morning relayed a story about a memorable Christmas gift- She was about 6, they didn't have money for gifts so her parents, knocked on the door on the day that they came home from the hospital (bringing home their new babe), the children answered to find their new sister n the arms of the Momma, inside a Christmas stocking! I thought of your family, and what a gift you are getting this year!

Fine Linen said...

Please share about using cloth diapers. I'm wanting to use them with this new little blessing, but have never used them before...
Praying for you and baby.
Blessings, Fine Linen