Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby Name Clue

This is a big clue... in fact, you ought to easily find the answer.

Baby's first name will be a good King of Judah. His particular kingship was prophecied during the reign of King Jeroboam (of Israel).

Baby's middle name is still undecided. Though I think it will be a family name.


NYLass said...


When we had our fourth (and only hospital birth) we were surprised to hear that the ward thought that we were Jewish - David Benjamin had been born! :0)

Still praying,

Anonymous said...

My family says, that Josiah is the name - if that's the case, that is a beautiful name! We should do Bible "guess who" questions more -

NYLass said...

OH dear!

Where WAS my head!!! Just enjoying the Old Testament reference and not even even trying to guess! (Blah!) LOL

It just made me think of my youngest's birth, is all... :0)

Still praying for peace and health,