Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Official...

My labor will be induced. I go in to the hospital at 6am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. It seems unreal, considering all the contractions I have had this past week, but I am no more dilated than I was last Tuesday! I am VERY surprised... so was my OB.

My OB has the rest of the week off for Christmas, so I will be under the care of a different OB tomorrow. I am OK with this change. We have been praying for months about this delivery, and I trust that God has a plan and reason for all things... including my delivery doctor.

I asked if they could break my bag of waters, rather than use Pit, but the answer was "no." It turns out that there is a greater risk of Baby's cord getting tangled when you break the water (as a means of inducing labor). So, the OB will start with the absolute lowest does of Pit in the morning... and we will go from there.

Prayer Needs:
1- That God would intervene and put me into labor without being induced
2- For my parents as they watch the kids all day
3- That Paul and I will share the Gospel through our life witness before the hospital staff
4- Last, but not least, that I would manage the pain well (My last 3 babies have been drug free! But, I am not so arrogant as to say that it is easily done...especially on Pit)


Dawn said...

I will be praying for you. I was induced with Rachel and on the maximum legal dose of pitosin for 12 hours and it really wasn't that bad. God was glorified in it and my baby girl made it safely.

Mama in Uganda said...

Thinking of you in Uganda, knowing it is already reaching the afternoon for you. Trusting that the Lord is carrying you through, if He has not already. I look forward to pictures and God glorifying news!

NYLass said...

Dear Bethany,
I am biased: today is my birthday. Also, I was induced with David (our youngest) and all went wonderfully. I pray that all goes well for both of you and that God, in His mercy draws near to you all in this time. :)
Peace to you all,

Krista said...

Any news??? We're praying!

Love you guys, and Merry CHRISTmas!!

Krista and Richard