Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting MUCH closer

Went to the OB this afternoon. Without being crude or specific, I will say that it is very likely that Baby will come tonight or tomorrow. I would be very surprised if Baby stays in more than 48 more hours!

Keep us in your prayers. Pray for my in-laws too, they will watch the kids while Paul is with me at the hospital.

An answer to prayer: I met a doula today... quite by God's providence (rather than "accident.") She was a lovely and encouraging lady! She told me that the staff at my hospital is very good about following the wishes of the patient. She also said that the birthing rooms are wonderful. Since I knew little of the hospital before now, this is greatly encouraging to me!


Mama Hen said...

Oh how exciting!!!!

Let us know when you can. But I know you will be doing lots of rocking and snuggling with the new sweet little one!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a OB appointment can do the trick! Your in our prayers.

Steve and Paula said...