Saturday, January 16, 2010

School Resumes

We resumed our official home schooling y-day. We did a lot of learning activities while we were on break, but now we will be sitting in our room, at the table, more often.

While on break:
- Rebecca amazed all of us, including Grandpa and Grandma S, with her reading ability!
- Rebecca read to the little ones
- Rebecca finally started reading to herself

- Nelson loves listening to us read out loud from Narnia
- Nelson looked at science books, magazines, and more on his own

- Lydia enjoyed being read to

- they all watched educational videos on creationism, telling time, science, history, and more
- they all played board games and card games with each other and grown ups

The kids did fantastic in school yesterday! Nelson was WONDERFUL! He was really well behaved and seemed to want to learn! I had some trouble with Becca wanting to be the teacher, rather than submit to the teacher... But, the hardest part was my memory! Seriously, I am having some REAL trouble with my mind!

For example:
- I wrote the date on the board "January, Friday 15, 2010" I thought it looked a little funny
- I wanted to find James 5:6, for Becca to copy, but I could not for anything remember where to find James! So, when I started trying to recall the order of the books I thought "James, starts with J, after H and I." Hmmm, since when is the Bible in alphabetical order?!
- I played the Memory card game with Becca and she teased me terrible! She had at least 4 matches to my one. She thought it was hysterical that I kept flipping the same cards over and over. And, Nelson actually came along and told me where the matches were! Though, I told him I wanted lose "fair and square."

Well, maybe today will be better. Yes, we typically do school on Saturdays... we do that so that we do not have to feel as guilty when I am sick, or we want to go out of town, etc. (And, because Daddy never has Saturday off. His day off from Sears will always be Tuesday.)

Here is a picture of Josiah's first ever day at school! Isn't he huge?!


Bethany said...

Further proof of my bad memory. I had Rebecca write I Peter 5:6, but I originally thought it was in James 4... I actually had to use the concordance to find it. Oops.

Mama in Uganda said...

Welcome back to the school routine. I think we homeschool a lot a like. I am having a terrible time with a few of my children "complaining and grumbling" during their lessons. The one is a perfectionist (prideful) and dislikes being corrected and the other child struggles with his lessons and therefore gives up too quickly. Our current verse of focus is Proverbs 12:1, "to learn you must love discipline." So glad it went so well yesterday.

Mama Hen said...

Look at those cheeks! Cutie-pie!

Getting back into the school routine can sometimes be hard, but I'm glad you had a good day.