Friday, January 22, 2010

No results yet

I know you are all anxious to hear about all my results (from the CT scan and the blood work). I do not know anything yet. The radiologist told me that he would call me this afternoon "if it is anything serious." And, I do not know when my lab results will be in (the doctor said they would be in y-day).

Meanwhile, my memory loss is laughable, frightful, and annoying all at the same time! This morning my father in law (who was here watching the kids, while I was getting the scan) found some ham on the back porch. I got it out of the deep freezer days ago and left it on the porch. This kind of "oops" moment is happening all too often!

A bit of good news: I weigh 20 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight! No wonder my skirts don't fit!

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Mama in Uganda said...

I will be patient then :-) I weight about 20 pounds less, still, than my pre-pregnancy weight and my youngest bio child is 5. Although most women would love this....I now weight less than I did in Jr. High and can easily look very emaciated when I am ill. However, for the life of me I can not put on a pound.