Friday, January 8, 2010

No Vaccines for Baby

This thought is a bit out of order in the sequence of my birth stories, but it will be quicker to write than the after-birth stories... and I am tired. (Yep, it's not even 9am, and I am exhausted.)

The moment Baby Josiah and I arrived in our recovery room, we put a sign on his bed - "No vaccines for Baby W____, please." I wrote it at home in cute blue font, and brought my own tape. We made our wishes VERY plain about vaccination... pretty much from the moment of our arrival at the hospital. We had all the doctors and nurses take note of it... write it in the charts... we informed the pediatrician, and he told us what to do. At that specific hospital there is a form (an "order") for the Hep B vaccine. It has to be signed by both the pediatrician and the mother. I did not sign it... I hid it away.

Also, we "room in" with our newborn babies. *Steps on soapbox* With my first baby, Rebecca, I took the advice of the caring nurses. I sent her to the hospital nursery. They only brought her in to my room to eat. (And, if she had been bottle fed, they likely would have done that too!) I saw very little of Rebecca in the hospital. And, when we got home - I cried - A LOT! I had NO idea how to begin caring for a newborn. I kept thinking, "Why did they let me bring this thing home?! What am I going to do with it?!" (Please, do not judge my attitude too harshly. I am just being honest. I had NO previous experience with newborns... all I had was false expectations. I was a very immature, ignorant young girl.) On these grounds alone, I would advise ANY new mom to keep her Baby in her room with her! *Steps off soapbox*
In addition to that reason, we "room in" so that we know what they are doing to Baby! I knew that Baby did not get vaccines, because he was not out of my sight!

So, no vaccine(s) for Baby Josiah! And, guess what, my theory panned out... this baby does not have eczema. My guess is that he never will.


Fine Linen said...

If it turns out that we have to have a hospital birth we to will "room in" with baby. Even the bath with will be done in room. That's when the mix up happened with our youngest child was during his bath, and they couldn't find his chart. Which resulted in them of course vaccinating him without our consent. I'm also making an appointment with a pediatrician who is known to "tolerate" parents not vaccinating their children. This will help after baby is born in the hospital to be able to refer to our pediatrician if there are any hassels about our decision. I also like your sign idea I'm going to do that too!

Blessings, Fine Linen

Bethany said...

Fine Linen,

It was your story about your youngest that made me think of making the sign in the first place! I did not want to take any chances.


Steve and Paula said...

Good for you!
I am glad you are helping spread the information about rooming in.
Everythign is so backwards, and seemingly set up in such a way to prevent tre bonding. Its truly an attack on the family from Satan.

Oh, and that is wonderful about no excema.
What a blessing that will be for all of you.

Anyways, keep that soapbox around. THose things are so needed!
Keep warm, and enjoy any snow you all have!

Mama in Uganda said...

Hello there friend. I trust that you are finding rest in the Lord! I nominated you for a blog award, go to my blog for the details. No pressure :-)