Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Pictures

Sorry that I am so slow to getting around to pictures.
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Rebecca meets Josiah for the first time. She is examining his toes!

Paul kisses the Baby.

Rebecca dresses Josiah to leave the hospital.

Tiny hands!

Lydia holds Josiah

Joshua kisses Josiah... awww

Mommy is home!
(That's Grandma S on the right end of the couch)

Grandpa S gets acquainted with Baby Josiah.

Nelson and Josiah.

Grandma W meets Baby

Grandpa and Grandma W

I LOVE cloth diapers! These were made by a friend!
(I left the water proof cover off just for the cute pictures)


Ruby said...

Josiah is just gorgeous, Bethany. Everyone else looks pretty good too!
I have been remembering you and prayer and trust that you are slowly regaining energy.
Blessings to you and your family for this brand new and promising New Year.

Mama in Uganda said...

Those cloth diapers are so cute! Big brothers and sisters look happy. Please do keep resting. I am sure Rebecca loves helping like my Eryn loves helping me.

Mama Hen said...

Cuteness all around! You look wonderful Bethany. Those diapers are adorable. I love his little legs hanging out of them.

Steve and Paula said...

No need to apologize for slowness.
You are entitled to it :0)
Josiah is perfect!
And I to love the diapers!

homespun mommy said...